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Mckenzie Best

First of all welcome to my site.  I hope you enjoy my work and I cannot wait to create beautiful photos with you! 

Now, a little about me...My early childhood consisted of moving from state to state because our family was in the military.   This nomadic lifestyle instilled in me a love of travel and a love of the differences in people that make up our wonderful, exciting world.  As a child I poured through every National Geographic Magazine and was always amazed at the beautiful pictures that lay between the covers and I would visualize myself as that photographer pushing the limits to get that shot of the great migration in the Serengeti or the photographer who finds herself taking portraits of the inhabitants of some isolated village. 

I've also been involved in the arts all my life.  My early musical training included playing the flute, the guitar, singing in the church choir and in school performances.  During this time, my camera was always with me and typically all my early photo albums (yes, I still have every single one) are filled with pictures of my friends, not me, because I was the one behind the lens.  I see beauty all around me and glean great pleasure in capturing that beauty. 

This year begins a new journey as I follow my passion of creating beautiful images, capturing life's memories and maybe a little travel in between.  My hope is that YOU decide to come along.

See you on the lens side!